Transport and logistics

The continual increase in the haulage of goods, newly emerging logistic parks and the traditional methods of transport can hardly do without weighing equipment. Weighing instruments secure elementary contribution functions. Weighing can also serve as a basis for invoicing. This resulted in the introduction of a number of terminals and systems interconnected with weighing and PC functions, which often serve specific purposes such as storage, transport, transport of piece goods, postal service, cargo shipping, rail transport, air transport, including their service shops, etc.

  • Electronic scales and weighbridges,
  • Pallet and platform scales,
  • Pallet trucks with a weighed extension,
  • Truck scales,
  • Totalizers,
  • Beltweighers,
  • Continual weighing of the amount of material passed through a scale,
  • BIGBAG discharging (de-bigbagging) stations, and
  • Postal scales for letters and packages.
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