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During the second half of the 19th century, Úpice became the center of a very fast-developing textile industry that mainly concentrated on the processing of flax, cotton, and plant hemp. In 1894, Mr. Emil Morawetz from Prague came to Úpice with the intent to launch production of scales for trade and industry in the region, as it boasted enough cheap labor. One of his new products was a desktop grocery scale designed according to Beranger. He also started manufacturing a scale of the Roberwal type for the home. Emil Morawetz died in 1895 and the plant was taken over by his brother, Karel.


The year 1900 saw the launch of unit production of storage runner scales. In 1902 a new product was put on the market; it was a decimal runner scale and it became very popular. In 1922, the company employed its first real designer who modernized production and this led to the manufacture of special scales on a larger scale.

In 1926, production primarily concentrated on scale manufacturing. It was also at this period in time that the KAMOR trademark was registered. It represents a manual scale and four stars. The stars in the symbol represented continents to which products bearing the KAMOR trademark were exported to at that time. After WWII, the economic situation of the country began to change.

National administration took hold of the company in 1945. In 1947, state control of the company was taken over by Zbrojovka Brno and in 1948, following nationalization, it became a branch plant of Zbrojovka Brno.

In 1950, an independent state run company was established called TONAVA. Its name is made up of the letters of its description, namely TOvárna NA Váhy (plant for the production of scales).

Another important milestone in the history of scale manufacturing in the town of Úpice was 01 April 1953 when the principal plant in Úpice lost company status and became a plant under VHJ Transporta Chrudim as part of nation-wide reorganization of industry. Integration continued and Transporta Chrudim became part of a company called Vítkovice.

Tonava became an independent state-run company soon after 1990; a year in which many political and social changes took place in the Czech Republic. An employee referendum decided to take on the original company name of Tonava.

The company was privatized restitution-wise by 1993 and then turned into a joint-stock company called TONAVA, a.s. New investors; CalibraCZ, s.r.o. - a new trade and technically orientated company; Calibra Group, a.s. - a new joint-stock company; transition into a holding - all this has taken place since 2001.


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