About us

Our company provides:

  • Sales of new scales Tonava and Dini Argeo
  • Assembly of Tonava scales
  • Maintenance service and repairs of scales that are including in the company’s assortment
  • Calibration of Tonava scales with a possibility to issue a calibration certificate
  • Certification of scales
  • Consulting and technical advice in the scale industry and metrology

The company Calibra CZ, s. r. o. was established in 2002. Calibra CZ, s. r. o. specializes in the sales, assembly, calibration, certification which is performed in cooperation with the local inspectorate offices of the Czech Metrology Institute (ČMI) (including the issuance of a certificate), repairs and maintenance services of the TONAVA scales and other products included in the company’s assortment. It also provides consulting and technical advice in the scale industry and metrology. As Tonava continues the long-term legacy of KAMOR, a company which was started as early as 1894, it has the longest tradition and experience in the manufacturing of scales and weighing instruments in the Czech Republic.

Over the long-term our company has also specialized in the development and construction of scales. Our employees have many years of experience with a number of applications, especially the ones required for dosing and bagging. Our machines (be it independent machines or complete weighing lines) are installed and operated in many industrial sectors, including the rubber industry, the construction industry, agriculture, etc. The delivery of our products is implemented in strict compliance with local conditions and environment and can be modified to suit the needs of the final user. The team of our specialists implements standard solutions as well as designs and constructs custom-made solutions.

Our delivery usually comprises:

  • Preparation of a study or of an equipment design,
  • Preparation of project documentation and of related expert opinions,
  • Coordination of all sub-contractors during the delivery of equipment,
  • Assembly, including connection to other on-site technologies or a master control machine,
  • Commissioning,
  • Induction training of operating staff,
  • Preparation of documentation in accordance with EC,
  • Handover of equipment for operation.    

Our weighing instruments are used practically all over the world, e.g. in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Vietnam, Russia, Ethiopia, Peru, Canada, USA, Romania, etc.

If you find our products interesting, we will be pleased to promptly respond to your inquiries and specific requirements.

Associations and unions

The Union of the Producers of Weighing Machines of the Czech Republic (UVV ČR) is a professional association of legal entities dealing with the production, sales and service of scales and weighing machines. For more information go to:



Comite Europeen des Constructeurs d´Instruments de Pesage

UVV ČR is a member of CECIP, the he European Association for National Trade Organisations representing the European Manufacturers of Weighing Instruments. For more information go to:

www.uvvcr.cz, www.cecip.eu  

Our company provides

  • Sale of new Tonava scales
  • Assembly of Tonava scales
  • Repairs of serially produced Tonava scales
  • Repairs and regular maintenance service of custom-made Tonava products 
  • Calibration of Tonava scales with a possibility to prepare a calibration certificate (upon request)
  • Certification and calibration of scales
  • Consulting and technical advice in the scale industry and metrology

Calibra CZ s.r.o.
Zelený Pruh 109/1091
140 00 Praha 4
Sales department:
Havlíčkova 437
Úpice 542 32
Telefon: +420 499 802 228
Fax: +420 499 802 375
E-mail: calibracz@calibracz.cz